Civil War Introduces Spider-Man –The Best Thing That Could Possibly Happen


Holy crap, not THOSE kind of hardships!

Holy crap, not THOSE kind of hardships!

It’s hard to deny that Civil War will present a morally gray landscape that Peter Parker will have to navigate. He’s a superhero, so he has to come down on some side of the Sokovia Accords, but he’s a teenager so of course he thinks he knows everything… but just doesn’t know what he wants. This is a landscape where the “right choice” might seem obvious until its methods are seen carried out.

We saw Spidey grapple with his identity, dreams, and adolescence in Spider-Man 2, but Civil War presents an opportunity to see Spidey explore his identity on a global level. A chance to define who he truly is outside of the provincial rubric set up by Uncle Ben.

How Spider-Man ultimately defines himself will have a major impact on his next solo outing. How will his political identity affect his high school career? How will it affect how he sees his friends? How will it affect how he defines his enemies? How will it affect how people see him? Especially if he unmasks?

While we’ve seen plenty of stories like that in Spidey’s comics, we’ve seen nothing of the kind on the big screen, and there’s no question how that will revitalize the character.