DC CW Shows Recap! Everything you might have missed this week on Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow.

Finally the DC CW Shows have returned! Here is a recap of all three thrilling DC episodes the CW aired this week.

DC CW Shows recap 1

This week, we are finally returning to The Flash and Arrow after a midseason hiatus that felt like it lasted far too long. This week saw lingering questions answer and even more questions asked that will linger through the season. Last night, Legends of Tomorrow finally premiered and was, expectantly, jam packed with Easter eggs and small details to fill every comic book nerd’s heart with glee.

Potential Energy

DC CW Shows recap 2

The midseason finale left us with a lot of loose ends waiting to be tied up neatly and Potential Energy gave us a glimpse at the knots those loose ends will be tied into. The introduction of Wally West in December did not disappoint now that we’ve seen the character in a few scenes of the show. The episode presented Wally’s main hobby, street racing, to us and to Joe (much to the estranged father’s chagrin). When the street racing angle was announced, it seemed like that detail would simply be to cause a rift between Wally and Detective West (as well as hint to Wally’s “need for speed”), but the episode used the street racing scene to depict Wally’s devotion to his mother and desire for independence.

The main focus of the episode was Team Flash’s hunt for Turtle, a metahuman with the ability to steal the potential energy (episode title!) from other people, slowing them down almost to a standstill. That power, of course, conflicts greatly with superspeed, making the one-off villain a surprisingly tough challenge for The Flash. Turtle, recognizing her value to The Flash, targets Patty Spivot when Barry tries to take him on. These encounters cause Barry to contemplate telling Patty his secret.

DC CW Shows recap 3

As the danger clears, Barry musters up the courage to tell her his big secret and to the surprise of Barry (and us audience members) Patty has a secret of her own. She, teary-eyed, explains that she has accepted enrollment in Midway City University. The major point of the revelation is that Patty is leaving Central City and Barry, but the name of her new school hides an interesting detail. Midways City is the comic book home of the superheroes Hawkgirl and Hawkman and the super-team Doom Patrol. While Doom Patrol is not yet a part of the CW universe, Hawkman and Hawkgirl certainly are. Is it possible that we will see more of Patty Spivot? If not on The Flash maybe on Legends of Tomorrow, the CW’s home for the hawk-winged heroes?

The episode ended with a set up for next week, with Eobard Thawne, in full, yellow Reverse-Flash regalia running into a quite suburban street (presumably in Central City). “Where are we?” he says to his AI, meaning this is an Eobard Thawne who’s never been to this Central City before, a Thawne earlier in his own time line than the last time he came in conflict with Barry and Team Flash.