DC CW Shows Recap! Everything you might have missed this week on Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow.

Pilot Part 1

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Legends of Tomorrow finally premiered! It feels like we have been waiting years to see the “legends” come together on the small screen, but after all that wait the episode flew by like it was nothing (insert time travel joke here). While the plot of the episode was nothing of a surprise: Rip Hunter finds heroes to help him save the world (i.e. the premise of the show), there were several small details that might have huge ramifications for this series, The Flash, and Arrow.

Despite most of Team Arrow and none of Team Flash showing up in the episode, the first, and maybe biggest revelation of the pilot was the Artificial Intelligence equipped to Time Master Rip Hunter’s Waverider time ship. Waverider was running none other than Gideon, the Operating System we know was invented by Barry Allen in the future. She first appeared in season one of The Flash wielded by Eobard Thawne (as Harrison Wells). But she actually appeared earlier this week, accompanying Eobard Thawne in his return (though not a return from his perspective) to Central City.

This could obviously just be a bit of world building that has no real consequence moving forward, but considering Gideon plays a central role as the ship’s AI, it seems more than a simple nod to The Flash that Barry Allen’s ground breaking invention was mentioned in this series.

We finally got an answer at to who the mysterious “Boba Fett” in the preview trailers is, though it mostly boils down to “mysterious Boba Fett”. His name is Chronos and he is a “Temporal Bounty Hunter”, presumably hired by Vandal Savage to take out Rip and his team. Interestingly, a villain who goes by the name of Chronos is, in the comics, an archenemy of Ray Palmer The Atom. If nothing more, that connection might mean Chronos will be around for quite a while in the series.

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One of the most important revelations of the series also answered the question “how is Vandal alive?” Carter and Kendra discovered another facet to their long cycle of death and reincarnation: If Vandal is killed by anyone besides Carter or Kendra, he can be reformed from a single cell. Of course, in the Heroes Join Forces crossover it was Barry and Oliver who reduced Savage to ash, so Vandal could be brought back to life (presumably by Malcolm Merlyn).

This means that no matter what the Legends accomplish, Kendra or Carter have to strike down the Tyrant. This small detail raises the stakes for the entire series and gives us a glimpse of what will have to come to be.


Tune in Next Week!

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While each of these episodes has answered all the questions fans have been dying to know, they also set up more tension for the rest of their seasons. The Flash has lost someone close to him in Patty Spivot, Oliver has kept Felicity by his side, but will still lose someone to Darhk in the future, and Rip’s entire journey is because he lost his family to Vandal Savage. There is a nice thematic symmetry to the CW DC Lineup on the latter half of these seasons that will unravel well together as the shows progress.

Next week, Reverse-Flash returns to Barry’s life, Diggle faces his past, and Snart and Rory’s skill as thieves comes in handy for the Legends. All in all it looks like 2016 is going to be a great year for DC heroes.