DC Movies VS Marvel Movies: The Advantage Goes To DC

Does the DC Extended Universe have what it takes to challenge Marvel for the comic book movie crown? They don’t call Batman and Superman “The World’s Finest” for nothing.

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For close to a decade Marvel has dominated the superhero film genre (that pesky Dark Knight trilogy notwithstanding) but that may change when DC unleashes the one-two punch of Batman V Superman:Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad this year. Marvel zombies will tell you that the DC Extended Universe – which got off to a rocky start with Man Of Steel in 2013 – doesn’t have what it takes to unseat the MCU from its throne.

They’re wrong.

When it comes to DC movies vs Marvel movies, DC has advantages over Marvel that will allow the Justice League to crush the Avengers in the long run. Advantages such as…

DC Has More Iconic Heroes

DC movies VS Marvel movies-The Holy Trinity

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Amazon

People love Iron Man right? Wrong. People love Robert Downey Jr. playing Iron Man.

Iron Man’s whole cinematic identity is tied to the character that Robert Downy Jr. has crafted over the course of  six movies. For many of the biggest characters in the MCU like Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America, the actors currently playing them are the first to portray them on the big screen (no, this and this don’t count). Who knows if fans will stick around when everyone’s contract runs out (which for some actors is sooner rather than later)?

Batman, on the other hand, is a character bigger than any one actor, whether it’s Michael Keaton, Christian Bale or even Ben Affleck. People want to see Batman because he’s Batman. And it’s not just the Caped Crusader, most DC characters are more than just superheroes. Zack Snyder got it right when he said “Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman are American mythology,” and he isn’t the only director that feels that way. Back in 2006 Bryan Singer turned down X-Men: The Last Stand to direct Superman Returns.

Let that sink in for a second: an A-List director left the biggest comic book franchise at the time to make a quasi-sequel to a movie series that had ended almost twenty years earlier just to be able to do Superman.

DC movies VS Marvel movies-RT Comparison

And it looks like he made the right choice…

Somehow I don’t see Ant-Man inspiring that kind of passion.

Now onto the bad guys…

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