DC Movies VS Marvel Movies: The Advantage Goes To DC

All of DC’s Characters Are Owned By One Company

DC movies VS Marvel movies-Warner Bros. mural

The real question is when are we getting a Justice League vs. Looney Tunes movie?

Years ago, before Disney bought them, Marvel sold off the film rights to some of their best characters to companies like 20th Century Fox and Sony (they were near bankruptcy at the time, so it seemed like a good idea). Now it has come back to bite them.

The tangled web of who owns what and where has led to situations like both Disney and Fox being able to use the characters Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch as long as the former doesn’t mention that they’re mutants and the latter doesn’t mention that they’re Avengers. Then there’s the fact that the Hulk can appear in the Avengers and other Marvel films but not in his own movie unless Disney wants to make a deal with Universal. You have about as much chance of seeing Avengers vs. X-men (an awesome comics storyline) as you do Avengers vs. Justice League. Marvel did manage to work out a deal with Sony to use Spider-Man in  the MCU but only after a decade of trying and only after Amazing Spider-Man 2 tanked at the box office, and even then Marvel didn’t get the actual rights back.

Warner Bros. owns every single DC character and can use them as they see fit with no restrictions. In fact Warner Bros. could have (and should have) done with the DCEU what Disney did with the MCU years ago. Justice League should have beat Avengers to the screen by a decade at least.

DC Movies VS Marvel Movies-Justice League TV pilot

Although judging by the failed ’90s Justice League pilot, maybe it’s good that they waited

Better late then never though, as Batman v Superman, with its many cameos from various DC heroes, looks to be the jumping off point for lots of DC team-ups. Marvel recently announced that Avengers: Infinity War will have 67 characters in it which sounds impressive until you put it up against the over 10,000 characters DC could potentially put into Justice League. I’m not suggesting that DC would actually put 10,000 characters in one movie (how would one do that?), but thanks to all of them being owned by Warner Bros. they could if they wanted to.

They could also turn around and put those same 10,000 characters on the small screen at the same time because…

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