DC Movies VS Marvel Movies: The Advantage Goes To DC

DC Keeps Their Film and TV Universes Separate But Equal

DC movies VS Marvel movies-Deadshot VS Deadshot

Movie Deadshot, meet TV Deadshot

I have come to accept that some people enjoy Agents Of SHIELD and don’t just watch it out of some masochistic duty to consume every piece of Marvel media Disney puts out. But even the genuine fans of the show have to agree that it would be cooler if any of the A-list Marvel heroes made appearances.

Unfortunately you’re never going to see Iron Man and Captain America battling the Red Skull on TV, at least not the way things are now. Marvel decided, for whatever reason, to shoehorn their television endeavors into their cinematic universe, and it limits both. Now they face problems like, “This character can’t appear on this show because they are going to be in this movie five years from now,” and, “This character has to pop up in this other movie despite having no bearing on the plot so that we can build synergy with this show.”  It’s a hot mess.

And don’t even get me started on how the Netflix shows say things like “the incident” when referring to the Chitauri invasion from Avengers and “the big green guy” when referring to the Hulk.

DC doesn’t have to worry about any of that drama. If Arrow wants to do Deadshot that’s fine. Suicide Squad will cast a different Deadshot. The Flash series has a nice bouncy, lighthearted tone that doesn’t jive with the tone that the DCEU is going for. No biggie, there’s going to be a different Flash in the movies. Keeping both universes separate means that neither medium is beholden to the other and that they can both develop their continuities in their own way.

So all this means…

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