DC Movies VS Marvel Movies: The Advantage Goes To DC

Who Wins The Fight Between DC Movies VS Marvel Movies Is Always Going To Be A Matter Of Opinion

DC movies VS Marvel movies-Toys

One that will ultimately be won on the floor near the toys.

Unfortunately, just because DC has the tools to overtake the Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn’t mean they will use them right. A lot is riding on Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justiceand its failure or success could mean the difference between a continued DC movie universe and one that fizzles out before it even reaches Justice League. Of course, if that happens Warner Bros. will wait a few years and try again. The world will always need Batman and Superman. Can you say the same thing for Hawkeye?

dc movies vs marvel movies-hawkeye-hawkward

What do you think, does DC have what it takes to win the battle of DC movies VS Marvel movies and overtake Marvel at the box-office or will the MCU always reign supreme? Give us your thoughts in the comments, or tweet them to us at @NewRockstars!

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