Deadpool Movie Negasonic Teenage Warhead Is Awesome. Here’s Why:

Time to get to know the character that might upstage Deadpool in his own movie.

Deadpool Movie Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Try saying this name three times fast: Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

Still trying to figure out how to pronounce the name? Well, true believers, figure it out fast because it is a name audiences will not be able to stop repeating after Deadpool is released in theaters next month. Negasonic Teenage Warhead is the name of Deadpool’s new on-screen female sidekick, and for many she is a completely unknown character.

But one need not to look further than Guardians of the Galaxy to see that a successful film adaptation can catapult characters from Marvel’s C-list roster to a multi-million dollar franchise that inspires children to dress as a walking tree and talking raccoon for Halloween.

Although majority of fans’ excitement is geared towards a real version of deadpool Deadpool finally getting his own movie, here’s three reasons why you should be just as excited to see his new sidekick.

3. Her Powers Are Totally Awesome

Deadpool Movie Negasonic Teenage Warhead comics

With Deadpool already having a great roster of super powered beings (Ajax, Angel Dust, Copycat, and of course Colossus) one wonders how it is even possible for the film’s list of characters to be even cooler. Enter Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

Created by writer Grant Morrison and first appearing in New X-Men #115, Ellie Phimister, aka Negasonic Teenage Warhead, is introduced as an introverted pupil in Emma Frost’s telepathy class at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Largely, Ellie’s storylines in the comics revolve around Marvel’s fictional island of Genosha, Ellie’s homeland and once the mutant slaving capital of the world, now freed by Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants.

In the comics, Ellie is both a telepath and a precog. Her precognitive nightmares (frequently visions of apocalyptic destruction, though because Deadpool is taking place a few decades after X-Men: Apocalypse, don’t expect to see a direct tie-in) are a huge part of what make her such a tortured and emotionally impactful character in what little page time she receives. One storyline, for example, has a teenage Ellie foresee a cataclysmic event that will wipe out her homeland, but no one believes her warnings. How’s that for some teen angst?

Although it doesn’t look like Ellie’s Deadpool storyline will bring in Genosha, what is awesome about the film is how it seems to be retaining the emotional conflict of Ellie’s powers (bearing the weight of foreseeing future carnage) while also giving her some new toys to play with. In the latest trailer, Ellie shoots a sort of orange force field from her body that sends Angel Dust hurtling through the air, and damn if that does not make a geek-out worthy .gif. Doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch from mere telepathy, and it fits well with her take-no-s***, disinterested teenage personality. Color us excited.

Deadpool movie negasonic teenage warhead new powers

Plus, considering that majority of Deadpool and Colossus’ powers are in hand-to-hand combat, Ellie’s visually colorful powers are a welcomed addition to the movie.

2. She Makes Deadpool Funnier

If there is any primary expectation for Deadpool, it is that the movie had better be funny. Whether or not the movie reaches Joe Kelly Deadpool heights of hilarity remains to be seen, but its inclusion of Negasonic Teenage Warhead shows it is trying.

On the surface, Ellie’s character may only seem like doom and gloom. The comic book dresses her up in pseudo Edward Scissorhands garb, while the film is opting for a long black trench coat. Either version would not look out of place in The Matrix‘s club scene. Yet Ellie’s appearance can be deceptive, because the humor found in her comic book storyline looks like it will be carried over to Deadpool.

Deadpool Movie Negasonic Teenage Warhead appearance

 The moments of humor that center on Ellie (at least in the comics) usually involve how other characters play off her darkness and apparent disinterest, which definitely seems like it ought to work well with Deadpool’s mile-a-minute mouth. Actually, the name Negasonic Teenage Warhead was even written as a self-aware joke in the New X-Men run. (The only real explanation for Ellie’s alias is that the writer who created her, Grant Morrison, is a fan of the song Negasonic Teenage Warhead by the rock band Monster Magnet). In fact, the comic book features a moment where upon learning Ellie’s alias name, Kitty Pryde quips, “Wow, we really have run out of names.”

Deadpool Movie Negasonic Teenage Warhead kitty pryde

It looks like Deadpool is having fun with her codename, too, in perfect chimichanga lover’s fashion. When Deadpool learns Ellie’s superhero name, he exclaims…

 Deadpool seems to be at his funniest (and best) when he has another character to bounce off (just go look at the first issue of Spider-Man/Deadpool that was released last week…Like now…Like right now go buy it). What Ellie offers to Deadpool is the opportunity for the titular character to play off her deadpan nature.

Although it remains to be seen if Deadpool retains Ellie’s full comic book arc, the trailers are indicating that the film is following a lot of Ellie’s post-Necrosha characteristics. Prior to that event (where Ellie DIES!), Ellie’s personality is meek, but when she is resurrected her character becomes quite hardened. Deadpool seems to be utilizing Ellie’s toughness both to create a hilarious dynamic between the two heroes and to explore a character that is utterly badass in her own right.

deadpool movie negasonic teenage warhead tweeting“Oh no, just finish your tweet.”

1. She Connects To The Larger X-Men Universe

With the success of the MCU, it’s a wonder why it is taking 20th Century Fox so long to link up their Marvel franchises. Earlier last year, rumors were circulating that the studio was planning on connecting their X-Men franchise to last summer’s Fantastic Four reboot. Unfortunately, that film infamously ended up being a critical and financial flop, forcing 20th Century Fox to scrap any plans of those films sharing a connected universe.

Although it looks like fans will not be seeing the X-Men and Fantastic Four share the screen anytime soon (because the Fantastic Four probably aren’t coming back for a good long while), the introduction of Negasonic Teenage Warhead (and Colossus, who’s already been in a couple earlier X-Men movies) proposes the idea that 20th Century Fox’s Deadpool film takes place in the same universe as their X-Men franchise. If Deadpool retains any of Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s original comic book storyline, fans should be excited to know that her presence in the film opens up a few theories as to how exactly the two franchises link.

One exciting possibility that Ellie’s big screen debut offers is that fans may eventually see several X-Men characters that have not yet made their way to celluloid. For instance, Cassandra Nova is an obscure and unique villain that could make for an interesting foil in future X-Men films. Oh, and she is also Professor Xavier’s female twin that he attempts to psychically kill in their mother’s womb because he views her as an evil presence. So there’s that. (Cassandra ends up barely living and spends the rest of her days forming a physical body in a sewer so she can ultimately exact revenge against Xavier.)

How crazy does that story sound? The cinematic possibility of that comic book storyline makes one’s imagination run wild. Could James McAvoy play both Professor Xavier and his evil female doppelganger in the same movie? One could only hope.

deadpool movie negasonic teenage warhead james mcavoy cryingHow does that idea sound James?

Another notion to get excited about is the possible reincarnation of Emma Frost. Now, before fans start screaming, “Hey wait! Emma Frost was in X-Men: First Class and that movie took place in sixties!” remember that X-Men: Days of Future Past basically reset the timeline of all of the X-Men films. So, if Deadpool ends up remotely following any of Ellie’s comic book origin, it may be possible that Emma Frost appears in future X-Men films.

"What's that you say? I might get to come back as more than eye candy in an X-Men movie?"

“What’s that you say? I might get to come back as more than eye candy in an X-Men movie?”

Of course, a lot Ellie’s comic book storyline’s dramatic weight is tied to her home of Genosha. With Genosha appearing in over three hundred X-Men comics, it is safe to say that a fully realized cinematic version of the island would appease hardcore fans. The only real exposure Genosha has had in the X-Men films is in the first movie. But Genosha in that film is mostly portrayed as dark interiors and only as a means of giving Magneto a secret hideout. In fact, do audiences even remember any Genosha scenes besides the one where a dude falls between a sewer grate as a liquid blob?

Deadpool Movie Negasonic Teenage Warhead senator kelly

If the cinematic introduction of Ellie Phimister corresponds with her comic book origins, it is possible that fans will see some new characters and a more detailed Genosha.

With all the excitement surrounding Deadpool finally getting his own movie, we should be just as excited to see his new sidekick.

Perhaps when audiences leave theaters on February 12th, they will not be saying how much they loved the Merc with the Mouth, but how much more they loved The Tweeting Telepath.

Are you excited for Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s cinematic debut? What do you think of the changes to her powers? Give us your thoughts in the comments, or tweet them to us at @NewRockstars!

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