Ego the Living Planet in Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Not appearing: Id the curmudgeonly black hole and Super-Ego the conceited supernova.


According to an anonymous source, Ego the Living Planet will be a major character, if not the villain, of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Just how freakin’ cool is this? What the hell does it mean to people who don’t speak “comic book?” What could it mean for Guardians of the Galaxy as a franchise?

Holy crap, am I gonna tell you.


Owner of the most magnificent space-beard.

Owner of the most magnificent space-beard.

“Personality, the bluntly-named cosmic character” is literally a planet with a consciousness and life unto itself. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, he debuted in Thor #132 and has been a major threat to space-faring characters and to planet earth ever since.

Possessing the genius of eons, the ability to transform at will, unlimited psionic powers, unlimited energy manipulation, the ability to travel at light speed, and an insatiable hunger for other planets, Ego’s powers rival that of Marvel’s primary devourer of worlds: Galactus.

ego the living planet in guardians of the galaxy 2 vs. galactus

That’s right. Ego has regular smackdowns with Galactus. This shot was taken from Fantastic Four episode 19, “To Battle the Living Planet,” wherein it takes the combined strength of the Fantastic Four, Thor, and Galactus just to REPEL Ego.

As you might expect from a living planet, his mythology is a little convoluted. After a millennia-spanning rivalry with Galactus, the latter attached rocket engines to Ego, banishing him to the depths of space. However, Ego learned to control the rockets and returned even more powerful than before. After being blown up, driven mad, and reformed countless times by the Kree Supreme Intelligence, the X-Men, Thor, Quasar, and the Nova Corps., Ego was used to coordinate the Nova Corps’ Worldmind…

That's right, these guys. L to R: Corpsman Dey (John C. Reilly) and Nova Prime's Assistant (Mikaela Hoover) Ph: Film Frame ©Marvel 2014

That’s right, these guys.

…where he promptly made them kill each other until he needed to be killed AGAIN.

In recent comics, Ego learned that he was one of two sentient planets made in a scientific experiment. The named of the other planet? Get this: Alter-Ego.

Physics?! I ATE PHYSICS!

Physics?! I ATE PHYSICS!

Attacked by his psychotic brother planet, Ego and Thor joined forces to destroy Alter-Ego, leaving only a moon from its rubble: Id the Selfish Moon. Who Deadpool was once contracted to kill.

ego the living planet in guardians of the galaxy 2 Id's Mania

Seriously, I can’t wait to write comics someday…