Four Star Wars Reality Shows We Would Love to See

What if Palpatine had replaced Donald Trump on “The Apprentice?” What if Survivor happened on Dagobah? Here’s our top list of reality shows that would be perfect for the Star Wars Universe

Last week, Saturday Night Live brought Adam Driver AKA Kylo Ren on as the host. He performed a variety of comedic sketches. But the one that stuck out the most with people was the Kylo Ren “Undercover Boss” sketch, where the infamous Knight of Ren went undercover as “Matt the Radar Technician” on reality TV and got to see what his employees really go through while under his reign. The results…were hilarious.

And that inspired us to consider what other Star Wars-themed reality television shows would look like. What would the Empire version of Big Brother look like? Or what if Jar Jar Binks hosted a version of Wipeout? We let our imaginations fly, and came up with a few rather unique ideas.

So, here is New Rockstars’ list of Star Wars-themed reality television shows

Survivor: Dagobah

24 Force-sensitive strangers from across the galaxy have been stranded on the swamp planet of Dagobah and must live and compete with one another for a chance to win a million credits. They will be divided into two teams; the Dragonsnakes and the Pikobi, each named after one of the residents of this planet. While there, the two teams will have to learn to hunt the local wildlife, make allies, attempt to master the Force and not rip each other’s throats out.

Star Wars reality show Kylo Ren Undercover Boss

Survivor: Dagobah

They will also have to win challenges in order to get certain supplies, such as bacta, special training sessions with Yoda, or vibroblades. The challenges would include traversing the swamp with a tiny green man on their back, lifting rocks with the Force, facing the Dark Side, and even dueling one another. 

Each member will have their own lightsaber representing their presence on the planet. If they are voted off, they will extenguish their lightsaber and leave the planet.