Four Star Wars Reality Shows We Would Love to See

Extreme Makeover: Tatooine Edition

Are your moisture vaporators so drab that even the womp rats don’t want anything to do with them? Are you a hard worker who cannot afford to update your little stone igloo underneath the two suns? Let Tylo Pentnin and his team of designers turn your home into something so stunning, it’ll rival Jabba’s palace!

Star Wars Reality Show Kylo Ren Undercover Boss

Extreme Home Makeover: Tatooine Edition

The first episode features Owen and Beru Lars, who have had a hard time on Tatooine maintaining the vaporators. Recent Tusken Raider attacks have made things hard for the family, and they need help. Thankfully, Tylo and crew are on the job! They send the Lars clan on a trip to Coruscant for a tour of the Capital. As they do that, Tylo and crew would rebuild their entire house, fix all the evaporators, and just give them a home that doesn’t look like it’s gone through 300 sandstorms! When Owen and Beru return home, they’re shocked and surprised, and the usual “so excited they cry” antics happen.