What Happens to Daenerys in Season 6 of Game of Thrones?

Dany is in trouble. Her allies, her dragon, her city and her life are all in danger. So what happens to Daenerys in Season 6?

what happens to daenerys in season 6

Dany and Drogon together in the Season 5 finale, “Mother’s Mercy.”

In Season 4, things were going well for Daenerys, so in true Game of Thrones fashion it all blew up in Season 5. Dany reopened the fighting pits in the final episodes of Season 5 and agreed to marry one of the noble families of Meereen. But her husband-to-be was killed in a surprise attack by the Sons of the Harpy and Dany barely got out alive on Drogon’s back, leaving Tyrion, Varys, Grey Worm, and Missandei with a slew of problems to deal with. When we next saw her, Drogon was horribly wounded, and Dany was trapped in an unfamiliar area. Then a horde of Dothraki surrounded her.

Our favorite Khalessi is in trouble, but will this spell her doom? What about for her city? Daenerys and Meereen sit on the edge of disaster. Can they be saved from the precipice? What happens to Daenerys in Season 6?

The Khalessi

What happens to Daenerys in Season 6

Dany getting the hell out of Dodge.

No doubt about it, Dany’s in trouble. Some of us probably thought Drogon would appear and win over the Khalessar right away. That doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen, or at least not right away. There was a leaked page awhile back that tells us some of the Dothraki have ill intentions toward our Khalessi. Whatever the case, it seems like we’ll be meeting a new Knew Khal this season.

To Vaes Dothrak

what happens to daenerys in season 6

A set in Almeria that appears to be Vaes Dothrak.

A large set built in Almeria, Spain appears to be Vaes Dothrek, the Dothraki city we visited in Season 1 where Khal Drogo poured gold on Dany’s brother’s head because they can’t spill blood in their sacred city. “A crown for a king.” You remember that interaction between two characters who have been dead for four years, right? It seemed important at the time.

What happens to Daenerys in Season 6

The Dothreki are not allowed to spill blood in Vaes Dothrek.

So it sounds like Dany is going back to Vaes Dothrak. But why? Is that where we’ll actually meet Khal Jhaqo, or is Dany to be ransomed there? It could be both. The people who would be most likely to pay for Dany (other than anyone in Meereen or Slaver’s Bay) would be in Westeros, so the khalasar that captured her could be bringing her toward the Narrow Sea and this is just a stop along the way. Another reason is that widows of Khals are sent to live out the rest of their lives in Vaes Dothrak. Dany is the widow of Khal Drogo, so technically they could just decide that’s where she’s supposed to go. That would require a lot of Dothraki deciding, “eh, I don’t know what to do with her, send her where she’s supposed to be or whatever,” but technically could be their reasoning.

On the plus side, there are probably a lot of slaves at Vaes Dothrak who Dany could win over. The Dothraki take a lot of people as slaves, as we saw in Season 1, so it makes sense that a lot of them would end up in their main (/only) city. Dany is very good at winning over slaves. Granted, when she did it before she had an army of Unsullied, but she could prove resourceful here and win some hearts as she’s won ours.

A Fire in the City

what happens to Daenerys in Season 6

There will be a large fire at Vaes Dothrak.

It appears there will be a large fire at Vaes Dothrak and that afterwards Dany escape the Dothraki. This creates a lot of questions: who starts the fire? Was there in fact a slave revolt? Did Daario or Jorah catch up to her (more on this in a minute)? Does Drogon wake up, find her, and start burning the s*** out of everything in sight, as he’s prone to doing?

Any of these are possible. Although it appears on the show that Dany is fireproof (several scenes in season 1 make a point out of the fact that she isn’t bothered by extreme heat), George R.R. Martin has said her surviving the fire that birthed her dragons is a once in a lifetime event, so chances are she didn’t set this current fire, unless she, too, is under this misconception.

It seems most likely that Drogon started the fire. What would be interesting is if Dany wins over the Khal and they are going to join her, and then Drogon arrives and starts the fire and tears people apart. This would turn the Dothreki against her, both because her dragon is slaughtering members of the Khalessar and also because the spilling of blood is forbidden in Vaes Dothrek (except for a bit of golden head melting). In Season 5 Drogon came in to save the day, what if in Season 6 he comes in to accidentally ruin everything? It would keep the Dragons from becoming Game of Thrones’ Eagles, the giant creatures that save them all the time in The Lord of the Rings, you know, deus ex eagles.

What happens to Daenerys in Season 6 deus ex eagles

Even if Drogon messes up relations with the Dothraki, it is worth noting that in George R. R. Martin’s original outline Dany invaded Westeros with an army of Dothreki. He hadn’t come up with the Unsullied yet so they may take the place of the Dothraki in the actual books and show, but who knows? They could join her yet.

There was also a leaked photo that put Cersei, Margery, and Dany together in King’s Landing, so theoretically she could end up there, but that was probably just between takes. But maybe not.