What Would a Netflix Punisher Spinoff Look Like?

Though there has been no official word yet from Marvel or Netflix on a Punisher spinoff, that doesn’t stop us from thinking about what such a show might include.

Netflix Punisher spinoff coming soon

The Punisher may be getting his own series on Netflix.

The Punisher is one of the things that has fans excited about the upcoming second season of Daredevil, and the powers that be at Marvel and Netflix have definitely taken notice. According to rumor, a Netflix Punisher spinoff is already in early production because of how impressed the suits were with Jon Bernthal’s performance and the positive reception that fans have given the character’s inclusion.

What would a Netflix Punisher spinoff look like, though? While it will obviously be tailored to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we can look at the comics and the character’s history to try and make a few educated guesses about what we can expect.

6. Where would it be set?

Netflix Punisher spinoff Los Angeles

The Punisher is known to take his act on the road from time to time.

When the Punisher is introduced in Daredevil season 2, he’ll obviously be operating in Hell’s Kitchen. That doesn’t mean that he’s going to stay there, though. Much like Luke Cage heading to Harlem after the events of Jessica Jones, we could see the Punisher take his act on the road.

The most likely scenario would be the Punisher operating out of some part of New York City, but NYC covers a lot of ground. But as the 2004 Punisher movie showed, Frank Castle works well in other cities, too. (That film had the action taking place in Miami, but the change in locale didn’t really affect how the character played out at all.)

Another option would be to have the Punisher follow one of his more recent comic arcs and head over to the west coast… Los Angeles, to be exact. It would be a good chance of scenery after Daredevil season 2, and would give the Punisher a chance to lay low for a bit while the police in New York try to track him down. It would also give the Netflix Punisher spinoff a bit of a different visual look than Daredevil, which is important since they’re both shows about vigilantes.

Of course, they could also choose to just have the Punisher on the road, traveling to wherever the criminals he’s after are located. This would open up a lot of different settings, and give Frank access to a lot of different criminal empires without New York becoming too crowded.

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