Oculus Rift Launch Games: What VR Headsets Can Learn From Past Consoles

The Sony Lesson: Graphics

oculus rift launch games

Rez Infinite: Because what could sell Playstation VR better than a 15-year-old game?

Try to name an original Playstation launch game you remember as an all-time classic or still play occasionally.

Go ahead.

We can wait.


Yeah, Sony hasn’t been known for delivering much at launch. Battle Arena Toshinden might have sold the Playstation 1 back in 1995, but it’s damn near unplayable nowadays, if anyone even remembers it well enough to try it out.

oculus rift launch games

This one is best left to your memories.

The Playstation 2 sold out everywhere in the fall of 2000, but that wasn’t because it had great games. The launch line-up was made up of little more than a really pretty new Madden game and FantaVision, glorified fireworks tech demo.


“Quickly, steal their wallets while they’re distracted by the bright lights and loud noises!” – Sony execs in the year 2000

But that’s always been the genius of how Sony has launched new systems. Even if the games are barely games, or just better looking versions of last-gen games, they at least look incredible. The reason the Playstation 1 and 2 sold so well right out the gate was because nothing else looked that good at the time. Just look at those screenshots of Toshinden and FantaVision again for a comparison. PS1 games looked so bad that it’s no wonder that people were excited to play a terrible game about fireworks as long as it looked pretty.

Graphics are probably the best thing that the Oculus Rift has going for it right now. Sure, you can play a lot of the compatible games on your PC or consoles right now, but if this headset is as impressive as the previews say, gamers are going to be happy to shell out $600 to actually feel like they’re inside those games and get a better look at those worlds.

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