Reverse Flash Origin – What the comics can predict about Eobard Thawne’s return to the CW

The Flash Might have Something New in Mind

Based on that episode promo it seems “The Reverse-Flash Returns” will deliver a concise origin story, at least in the sense that we will find out why Eobard hates Barry. Last night’s episode ended with Thawne speeding into a quite suburban street and asking Gideon (the 22nd century version of Siri we saw in season one) “Where are we?” He’s clearly in a portion of his time line where he has never traveled to this moment/place in time before, meaning he likely has no goals or vendettas to achieve coming to Central City.

Though it’s possible there is something already existing in Eobard’s life that has fueled his hate, it seems more likely that this episode plans to show us exactly what will cause Eobard’s blood to boil when it comes to Barry Allen. It’s hard to predict what Team Flash could do that would incense Thawne enough to try to murder him, though finding out Barry is latter responsible for his death might just be enough.

Until next week, we won’t quite know exactly what Eobard’s after in this particular time line, nor what will cause him to clash with our own heroic speedster. But Reverse-Flash might not be the only villain Eobard’s return will affect

Eobard may be Instrumental in the Fight Against Zoom

Reverse Flash Origin 4

Thawne, formerly Professor Zoom, is an expert on the Speed Force. In The Flash’s universe, it was Eobard that helped Barry first realize his potential. With his mind (and experience as a speedster) Eobard could actually be invaluable to Team Flash in their fight against Zoom. Of course, Reverse-Flash is a villain and likely wouldn’t willingly help the good guys without incentive. But as we saw in season one, this particular version of Eobard Thawne is gladly willing to help the good guys if it means he also gains from the transaction. If helping Barry defeat Zoom could help Eobard amass power, or learn more, or even gain the power he needs to later try to kill Barry, he would gladly help. So the only question is, will he have a reason to help?

The Reverse-Flash Returns for the First Time

Reverse Flash Origin 5

There are a lot of possibilities for next week’s episode, and a lot of ways the confrontation could take the series. Honestly, the idea of the speedster coming to Central City earlier in his own timeline, but after he has been defeated in Barry’s time line is a really interesting set up for an episode. Whatever the writers have planned, Reverse-Flash’s “origin” has promising potential to be one of the best episodes The Flash has aired yet.

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