Star Wars The Force Awakens Box-Office Records – This Week in Star Wars

What’s happening in Star Wars? People are going to see it 3 and 4 times in theaters, that’s what. The Force Awakens box-office records are exploding.

The Force Awakens box-office records

Well, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been in theaters for two weeks now. People have had plenty of time to see it. In fact, people have been seeing it…multiple times, and The Force Awakens box-office records are starting to reflect that.

A List of Records

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The film has been slowly ticking off one record after another, ever since its release, and it already has its sights set on the number 1 all-time box-office records. Keep in mind that The Force Awakens has only been in theaters for 2 weeks. There’s still plenty of time for the film to move up in rank. But for now, here are all of the important records that The Force Awakens has taken by storm.

  • Opening Day Gross: Star Wars made $119 million on opening day, smashing the previous record held by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 at $91 million.
  • Domestic Opening Weekend: Star Wars took in nearly $391 million, almost $100 million more than the runner-up, Jurassic World.
  • Worldwide Opening Weekend: Star Wars barely managed to come out on top at the worldwide opening weekend as well, with $529 million as opposed to Jurassic World’s record of $524.
  • Single Day Gross for a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday: Star Wars set a record for the highest ever gross on any Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. Some of these days don’t get a lot of box-office, so this is impressive.
  • Non-Opening Single Day Gross for Friday, Tuesday, Wednesday: The film also grossed the most for a non-opening single day on Friday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. For a non-opening night, having the record for a Friday is very impressive.
  • Top 10-Day Gross: The top 10-day gross for Star Wars was $540 million domestically. That leaves Jurassic World strangling in the dust with the number 2 spot at $402 million.
  • Top Second Weekend Gross: Opening weekend is one thing, but if you can keep that record going for a second weekend, that’s impressive. Star Wars now holds the record for second weekend gross at $149 million, with the runner up (again Jurassic World) at $106 million.
  • Fastest to $1 Billion: It didn’t take long for Star Wars to reach its first billion worldwide, and it’s well on its way to a second.
  • Highest Gross on Christmas Day: Star Wars received nearly $50 million on Christmas Day, a record that more than doubles the previous record, held by Sherlock Holmes at $24 million.

So it’s clear that The Force Awakens box-office records are knocking it out of the park. The film hasn’t yet reached the top spot for all-time domestic or worldwide box-office, but there’s still hope.

Box-Office Showdowns

Jurassic World vs The Force Awakens box-office records

Right now, the biggest box-office comparisons are between The Force Awakens and Jurassic World or Avatar. Here’s what it looks like so far.

The Force Awakens has been smashing every record previously set by Jurassic World earlier this year. As you can see in the above records, The Force Awakens is already doing much better. But it still has yet to pass Jurassic World in its worldwide box-office. Jurassic World currently stands at $1.6 billion worldwide, and The Force Awakens is at $1.3 billion. But there’s one very strong ray of hope: The Force Awakens hasn’t been released in China yet. China is sure to be a very strong box-office boost for The Force Awakens, and it’s being released on January 9th, not long from now. So it probably won’t be long before The Force Awakens earns that $.3 billion more to pass up Jurassic World.

Will The Force Awakens Beat Avatar?

Avatar vs The Force Awakens box-office records

It’s tough to try and compare the success of Star Wars with the current reigning champion (domestically and worldwide) for all-time gross, Avatar. The film didn’t start off nearly as strong as Star Wars, especially during its first two weeks. Avatar’s 13-day total was nearly $268 million domestically whereas The Force Awakens comes in at $629 million. That’s a lot more.

And yet, to beat Avatar’s overall record, Star Wars would have to make $2.8 billion or more, and the film is only at $1.3 billion so far. You see, though Avatar didn’t make too much in its first few weeks, it gained an enormous word-of-mouth support and continued to be successful well into March. So its success was spread out.

Star Wars certainly has the potential to do the same. It, too, is receiving a lot of word of mouth, and people are going to see it multiple times. But it does beg the question of whether the box office will die down faster than it did with Avatar. Yes, Star Wars has had the most successful two weeks ever, but maybe everyone has seen it by now and the hype will quickly diminish.

On the other hand, as I previously mentioned, Star Wars has yet to be released in China. That alone could boost the film to reach its $2.8 billion goal. Plus, the current box-office doesn’t appear to be slowing down too much when compared to other films. It’s still the most successful film in theaters now, despite having been out for two weeks already.

On the all-time records, Star Wars currently ranks at #4 domestically, and #8 worldwide. It won’t be long before it continues to climb up that ranking and potentially reach the top.