Suicide Squad Trailer Breakdown

The second Suicide Squad trailer was released last night and it’s chock-full of action and excitement. We’ve taken the liberty of dismantling it piece by piece to bring you a thorough breakdown and analysis of what might be DC’s best movie yet.

Introduction to Bell Reve Penitentiary and The Members of The Suicide Squad

The trailer starts with the beginning of Bohemian Rhapsody. Already they’ve earned points with their excellent song choice. The camera pans down from the ceiling of what is presumably a cell block in Belle Reve Penitentiary a prison/sanitorium that plays a big part in Suicide Squad lore. On a catwalk we see the words “Firm but fair.”

suicide squad trailer breakdown-firm but fair

Cut to Captain Boomerang begging to be let out of his cell. As his desperate pleas fade out we come next to Harley Quinn sipping tea and reading what appears to be a harlequin romance novel. Pretty clever on the director’s part.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-harley quinn reading

Next we have Deadshot staring somberly out of a small window in his cell. The words “Site Bravo Detention D Block Only Burn After Use” can be seen on his back. The movie’s original working title was “Bravo 14”.

Fade to Killer Croc in his cell doing push-ups. Croc’s lair has water instead of a floor and looks like a dungeon. There is what appears to be meat hanging from the ceiling. Could it be human?

suicide squad trailer breakdown-killer croc lairjpg

Next we see El Diablo – also in a cell most likely – producing a small amount of fire with his hand and staring into it. This is the first instance we see of El Diablo’s pyrokinesis.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-el diablo tattoos

We are then treated to footage of Captain Boomerang screaming into a security camera, most likely continuing from earlier.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-captain boomerang yelling at camera

So more or less, the trailer starts by introducing us to the team. Of course, there are a few few important personalities still to come…

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