Suicide Squad Trailer Breakdown

Next up, we see a snippet of Amanda Waller describing the Squad over dinner before cutting to the Warner Bros. Pictures logo. The logo is neon with a harlequin background…

suicide squad trailer breakdown-wb logo regular

…before switching for a split second to a logo where someone – presumably the Joker – scribbled over the word “Pictures” with “Pikturez.”

suicide squad trailer breakdown-wb logo joker graffiti

Ditto for the DC logo which goes from DC Comics

suicide squad trailer breakdown-dc logo normaljpg

to “Komixz”.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-dc logo joker graffitti jpg

Next we see guards with “ERT” on their helmets – presumably “Emergency Response Team” swarm Deadshot’s cell. Deadshot tries to put up a fight but It’s no contest as the soldiers overpower him and he’s choked and struck with batons.

The guard doing the most damage has “ALPHA01” on his uniform. They aren’t subtle about this guy thinking he’s the number one alpha male and it’s a good bet that he will get his comeuppance later in the film.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-deadshot with alpha 01

Now ALPHA01 is drenching the pyrokinetic El Diablo with a deluge of water. This guy is definitely going to get it at some point in this movie.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-el diablo soaked

Skip to prison medical staff standing around looking nervous as Killer Croc is wheeled in Hannibal Lecter style. All the better to showcase Croc’s cannibal nature.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-killer croc hannibal lector

Close-up of a body bag as it’s sliced open revealing an angry Captain Boomerang surrounded by what look like either prison guards, soldiers or both. Boomerang punches out the nearest guy despite being heavily outnumbered.

Boomerang’s main physical skill is some limited super speed (he’s originally a Flash villain) that’s probably going to play out in the movie as heightened reflexes. He’s also known as a bit of a wild card even within the Suicide Squad. So attacking people when he’s horrendously outnumbered isn’t really out of character.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-captain boomerang fighting guards

Cut to the first appearance of Slipknot – also punching someone out. (He’s the guy you can hardly see between all the frantic FBI folks.)

suicide squad trailer breakdown-slipknot punching out fbi

Quick shot of Harley, Deadshot, and El Diablo outside but still in prison garb. Most likely being rounded up and tested before being officially given Suicide Squad status.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-harley quinn prison yard

Next is Rick Flag – Amanda Waller’s pick to lead the Squad and not a prisoner – going through everyone’s files. First up is Deadshot, “Who shoots people,” according to Flag, cut to Deadshot suit on, but mask off, cuts on his face and looking worse for wear (it’s probably late into the movie) pointing his gun at the camera.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-deadshot costume no mask

Flag then describes “ A crocodile who eats people “ over the first real close-up we get of Killer Croc

suicide squad trailer breakdown-killer croc

before the scene shifts to Croc leaping out of the water in his cell and grabbing a guard.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-killer croc jumping out of water

This is most likely when the guards are rounding up all the members to be tested.

We hear “Burns people” as El Diablo shoots torrents of fire at the screen.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-El Diablo flame hands

Flag continues “You’re possessed by a witch” talking to Enchantress who we see in what looks to be a hotel room in her costume with flies buzzing around her.

Last but not least, Flag describes Harley Quinn as “Just Crazy” right before we see Harley outside – presumably during the same round-up and testing as earlier – Going on about the voices in her head telling her to kill everyone…or not. Only Harley knows how much of her insanity is real and how much is a put-on.

Chaos On The Streets

Next we see helicopters flying through a city being shot at.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-helicopters being shot at

Then a crashed plane and soldiers moving out across an abandoned street at night. What looks to be those same soldiers then come across a jeep that has been melted in weird way leaving a trail of black goo.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-melted jeep

The next shot is a group shot of Captain Boomerang, Katana, El Diablo, Deadshot, Rick Flag, and Harley Quinn standing outside on a city street amidst rubble.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-groupshot

Conspicuously absent are Slipknot,Killer Croc, and Enchantress. Everyone looks to be in their final costumes so perhaps the others died or defected by this point in the movie?

Next we have the Suicide Squad and a group of soldiers entering what looks to be an abandoned subway station.Much of the subway station looks melted and covered with black goo like the jeep from earlier. It’s possible the same person attacked both.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-destroyed subway station

Cut to Deadshot and Rick Flag shooting up into the sky at something.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-deadshot and rick flag guns blazing

In the next shot we see Harley Quinn riding in an elevator with a glass front and waving down at someone. Could Deadshot and Flag have been shooting up at her? It’s not entirely unlikely. Harley Quinn’s allegiance changes like the wind, especially where the Joker is involved. Could Quinn change sides at some point in the movie?

suicide squad trailer breakdown-harley quinn elevator

Cut to Deadshot long enough for him to utter “Let’s go save the world” before cutting back to Harley. This time she’s firing a large gun at someone inside what look to be the office building that the elevator was attached to. Is she firing at someone on the Suicide Squad? Or did she go off alone to take out the Joker by herself?

suicide squad trailer breakdown-harley quinn gun and bat

Finally we see Deadshot with his whole mask on walking through a hall in the same office building.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-deadshot full mask

Cut to Captain Boomerang with a boomerang pressed against the neck of of thug wearing a lumpy black, featureless mask and a black gooey costume possibly covered in the same stuff as the jeep and subway platform. Boomerang pushes the goon through some glass into the waiting arms (claws?) of Killer Croc who proceeds to pummel him to the ground.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-killer croc beast mode

suicide squad trailer breakdown-killer croc fighting

A quick Harley reaction before a fade to black and Bohemian Rhapsody stops…

The Man Who Laughed

Enter the Joker patting someone’s face and saying “I can’t wait to show you my toys”.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-Joker talking to Johnny Frost

First off, the face the Joker is patting most likely belongs to Johnny Frost, a henchman of the Joker’s from the 2008 graphic novel Joker which Suicide Squad looks to be at least partially based on. Secondly, there are large hunks of hanging meat behind the Joker. In the graphic novel Joker Killer Croc hangs out in a place with a lot of meat hanging on the walls (like the meat he had hanging in his cell) so this could possibly be a flashback when the Joker is visiting Croc. In the graphic novel Killer Croc works for the Joker getting rid off bodies but it is heavily implied that he eats them.This would also fit with Rick Flag’s earlier description of Killer Croc as someone who “eats people”. If the movie sets up both Killer Croc and Harley Quinn as having a past with the Joker maybe they will make it a plot point that everyone has a personal vendetta with the Joker. Lastly, the line about toys might be a nod to the 1989 Batman and Jack Nicholson’s famous line “Where does he get those wonderful toys!”

suicide squad trailer breakdown-eyeball mask and baby mask

The next shot is someone in a giant eyeball mask and someone in a baby mask firing machine guns towards the camera. It’s probably safe to assume that they work for the Joker in some capacity.

The Joker channeling Scarface dressed in tux and holding a solid gold gun gives way to a better shot of Johnny Frost firing a large mounted machine gun, possibly from a helicopter. Maybe he is shooting at the helicopters from earlier? His jacket says “Mr.Frost” on the arm and below that is a crest with a fancy “J” and “F” on it.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-mr.frost
A quick shot of the Joker before cutting to the Enchantress in full costume and again surrounded by flies saying “Let’s do something fun” to what looks like a white house briefing room.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-enchantress boardroom

Perhaps she is using magic to persuade someone in Washington to do something catastrophic? Maybe the crashed plane from earlier was Air Force 1?

Next we get the joker lying on the floor surrounded by a circle of knives, rows of guns, bottles, what looks to be bags of possible drugs, playing cards , and some roses while laughing maniacally.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-Joker lying in circle of knives

We see are first good closeup of Katana and her Soultaker sword, a mist made up of skulls emanates from it.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-katana soultaker sword

Cut to Deadshot back in prison uniform loading a gun with Amanda Waller looking on and presumably getting ready for whatever mission they get sent on in the film. Quick shot of El Diablo screaming in either agony or anger.

Throughout the trailer Bohemian Rhapsody has continued playing and just as it reaches the crescendo right before the headbanging part the music stops and and we see Captain Boomerang crouched behind a car – most likely using it for cover – while cracking open and chugging a large can of beer.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-captain boomerang drinking beer

The music starts up again with a close up of Katana’s face, her eyes going from all white to all black. It cuts to Harley Quinn dancing on stage in what appears to be an upscale nightclub. This is also something from the Joker graphic novel where Harley poses as a dancer in a club at one point.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-harley quinn dancingjpg

Worst Heroes Ever

The screen goes black with only the word “Worst” visible.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-worst

Cut to a panda with a machine gun. Something tells me he belongs to the same gang as the eyeball and the baby.

The screen goes black with only the word “Heroes” visible.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-heroes

Cut to an odd figure with what looks like green tendrils wrapped around him or her. This thing proceeds to destroy a subway train with it’s bare hands. Could this be another big bad besides the Joker?

suicide squad trailer breakdown-unknown green enemy attacking subway car

suicide squad trailer breakdown-unknown green enemy

The screen goes black with only – you guessed it – the word “Ever” visible.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-ever

Quick cuts of Joker threatening someone with what looks like either a gun or a drill as henchmen look on, Killer Croc strangling Katana,

suicide squad trailer breakdown-killer croc strangling katanajpg

and and out of uniform Harley Quinn slamming her hands down on something that can’t be fully made out.

Cut to Deadshot without mask but with his eyepiece using his famous wrist mounted guns to shoot at the a whole gang of goons wearing those lumpy black masks from earlier. For anyone wondering if his signature weapon would make an appearance, here you go.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-deadshot costume eyepiece only

suicide squad trailer breakdown-black mask thug

A shot of Harley walking towards camera holding a baseball bat and chewing gum in her “Daddy’s Lil Monster” shirt

suicide squad trailer breakdown-harley quinn bubblegum

quickly gives way to a split-second of the weird green badguy from earlier blasting a tendril of black threads through a pillar and at the soldiers who are firing at him/her.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-black tendril

Quick cuts of Enchantress without her costume, Joker banging his head, and El Diablo shooting jets of flame from his hands that threaten to engulf a whole building ( looks to be the same office building that many of the scenes are set in).

Quick cuts of Harley back in the club, this time with the Joker, the enchantress sitting in water up to her neck, and Captain Boomerang looking up to the sky.

Next we see the Joker doing a swan dive into a vat of chemicals only to come up, clothes melted and clutching Harley Quinn.


suicide squad trailer breakdown-joker jumping into vats

suicide squad trailer breakdown-joker saving harley quinn

This looks to be in keeping with the New 52 comics continuity where Harley Quinn is exposed to the same chemical bath as the Joker. Don’t be surprised if it turns out the Joker is the one who pushes Harley Quinn into the vat before pulling her out. Also the violetish red and blue swirls in the chemicals surrounding the two doomed lovers look like the same colors in Quinn’s hair. This is possibly how her hair gets dyed and that the color is permanent.

Quick cuts of Deadshot finger pointing, the Joker wagging his finger and Killer Croc pulling a Hulk Hogan and ripping his shirt  before cutting to a Shot of a helicopter crashing, most likely one of the ones being shot at earlier.

Quick cuts of Harley and Joker in the car, Deadshot working the heavy bag and a split second shot of Rick Flag, Deadshot, Katana, and Harley Quinn watching what almost looks like a bunch of horned demons dancing around a mushroom cloud of odd color and substance.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-cloud

It looks like they are in the same subway station from earlier so this probably has something to do with the mysterious green figure from earlier.

“We’re Bad Guys It’s What We Do”

Next Harley Quinn flings off her jacket and swings from a rope Tarzan style


suicide squad trailer breakdown-harley quinn swinging from rope

before it cuts to another shot of Quinn, this time breaking a store window with her bat and stealing a purse.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-harley quinn shoplifitng

Rick Flag asks in an exasperated voice “Seriously, what’s wrong with you people” to which Harley responds with what is no doubt the most quotable line from the trailer “We’re bad guys, it’s what we do!” It’s interesting to note that the clothing surrounding the purse that Harley Quinn shoplifts bears the phrase “Si vis pacem para bellum” which translates to “If you want peace prepare for war” possible a parallel for using criminals to get justice?

Cut to the Suicide Squad logo featuring a messed up smiley skull on the Q keeping with the Joker-like graffiti from earlier in the trailer.

suicide squad trailer breakdown-title

The words “Suicide Squad” fade away leaving only the smiley skull

suicide squad trailer breakdown-title joker face

before listing the various types of 3D you can see the movie in and then the obligatory credits.

There you have it, a trailer with action, humor, and more villains than you can shake a Joker at. We hope you enjoyed this exhaustive Suicide Squad trailer breakdown, let us know in the comments if we missed anything.

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