The Walking Dead Gregory and the Hilltop Colony – What They Mean For the Story

The 2nd half of Season 6 just got more interesting.

The Walking Dead Season Six: What Gregory and the Hilltop Colony Mean For the Story Going Forward: Xander Berkeley- Gregory

As fans eagerly await the second half of The Walking Dead’s season six we can now start begin speculating about the upcoming direction of the plot with TVLine’s announcement this week that Xander Berkeley (noted questionable person character actor) will be playing the role of the cowardly Gregory. Some potential spoilers ahead.

If you go by the comics, which season six has stuck relatively closely to, you’ll know that Gregory is the leader of the Hilltop Colony where Rick and his rag-tag band end up after the destruction of Alexandria. This means that Negan isn’t going to be the only villain causing the Grimes Gang some major headaches, and if the show stays true to the source material, we’re going to see Maggie’s role expanded even further since the Gregory of the comics is a hardcore creeper in addition to being a weasel.

How soon are Gregory and the Hilltop Colony going to be introduced? Well, we all know The Walking Dead doesn’t mind taking its time, so we’re going to guess towards the middle or end of this half of the season. First things first, Rick’s gotta meet Negan. Sorry, Gregory but unless you have a weapon that trumps Lucille’s lethal cool factor then you’re going to have to take a seat. Abraham, Sasha and Daryl met a group of Saviors for the first time in the mid-season finale, and that’s the first time we’d heard the name Negan uttered, so things are going to start moving. However, our gang and whatever Alexandrians are left are going to have to get out of what’s left of the once zombie-free Safe-Zone (when is someone going to use the underground tunnels?)

Gregory isn’t the only big comic-book character from the Hilltop Colony. The casting of Paul “Jesus” Monroe (Tom Payne) was big news in September. There’s a bit of narrative déjà vu in the comics that is going to make its way into the show. Paul Monroe is a recruiter for the Hilltop Colony and is gay. Sound a bit familiar? Yeah, we’ve got ourselves another Aaron, only Paul Monroe is a dreadlocked bada**. In the comics both men have partners but does anyone even remember what Aaron’s partner looks like? We don’t.

Also, what does this mean for the two important relationships that the show built up for Aaron? Daryl became close to Aaron, who really went out of his way to welcome Daryl into the Alexandria fold. The two even went out recruiting together. There were rumors that Daryl was gay, and there was potential for a romance with Aaron at some point. We think that could be really interesting direction for the show to go in with one of it’s most popular characters, or it’s just nice for Daryl to have a friend that will cook him spaghetti dinners. We also saw Aaron get close to Maggie and help her through her grief over Glenn. If the comics are any indication, Maggie’s role is about to expand in exciting new ways, and she’s going to need a good support system.

The Walking Dead Season Six: What Gregory and the Hilltop Colony Mean For the Story Going Forward: Paul Monroe - Tom Payne

Nobody f**ks with the Jesus

Paul Monroe isn’t the only character that is going to seem familiar to TV audiences. Gregory, like Deanna, built up his own community, but unlike his Alexandria counterpart, he’s craven, scared, and makes the ladies (specifically Maggie) super uncomfortable. Gregory is bizarro Deanna, but we think he’ll be bffs with Spencer. Like Deanna before him, Gregory brings Rick and Friends in for protection, specifically to rid the Hilltop Community of Negan and the Saviors. Like, the great walker drive of 2015, this plan will not go well, and Gregory does not react well.

Like Alexandria there will be more conflict between Rick and his group and this new community, but not because the people there are too dumb to live, but because they are being led by a coward who would sell them to the Saviors to help himself. So we’ve got lots of drama to come in the new season, and even if some of the characters seem familiar, the story arc is going to be very different.

The Walking Dead Season Six: What Gregory and the Hilltop Colony Mean For the Story Going Forward: TWD- Gregory

Yeah, that’s not villainous at all

Oh yeah, and if we’re going by the comics, Glenn dies. However, at this point Glenn is kind of like Jon Snow (who really bought that he was dead?) or Kenny from South Park. We’re not going to get into this issue again (because we already have, repeatedly) but the show made a mistake with Glenn last season, and now with his seemingly inevitable death either coming this season or in season seven, we can’t help but shrug. Which is a bummer. Still, Glenn’s death is going to be pivotal in the conflict between Rick, Negan, and Gregory. Also, it’ll be a pretty big deal for Maggie.

Speaking of Maggie, if the show follows the story in the comics, Maggie and Gregory are going to have some serious issues. Gregory likes Maggie in some seriously inappropriate ways his HR department (if there were one in the postapocalypse) would not look on kindly. IF Glenn dies in the new story arc, Maggie will not only be dealing with life as a widow and single mother, but she will be leading the resistance against Gregory and will become the new leader of the Hilltop Colony. Hold on for now, though, because that seems like season 7 stuff.

The new season of The Walking Dead is going to bring more violence, more baddies, and a brand new neighborhood. We can’t wait for the remainder of season six in February and the introduction of Negan, Gregory and the Hilltop Colony.