Who From the Han Solo Movie Shortlist Should Play Han Solo?

We now know the studio’s wishlist to play a young Han Solo. Here’s our 5 favorites from the Han Solo movie shortlist.


With everything that happened to Han Solo in The Force Awakens, one would think that Disney was done with everybody’s favorite space smuggler. However, one would be wrong.

Disney announced a while back that they’re developing a prequel film featuring a young Han Solo, and it actually got bumped up the schedule a bit after Josh Trank left the Star Wars fold.

But who do you choose to replace the irresistible charm of Han Solo?

Disney seems to have a few ideas. Variety reports, “Execs have cut the list (of potential Han Solos) down to about a dozen actors.” The producers are stilling working out the exact details, but it seems they hope to make a final decision in the next few weeks. While the film isn’t going to start shooting until January 2017, inside sources say that the hiring will likely correlate with the shooting of another Star Wars film, meaning that the new actor might have an appearance in Rogue One.


So it’s coming soon! And surely Disney needs some help narrowing down their dozen candidates, so here’s our top five choices from the Han Solo movie shortlist!

#5 – Dave Franco

han solo movie shortlist dave-franco

Along with his blood relations to acclaimed actor James Franco, Dave has appeared in multiple teen-focused films, including 21 and 22 Jump Street, Warm Bodies and Fright Night. Franco has a certain charisma that may work for a roguish type of charm to the screen…..though his work was not as physically focused as one would desire for a man who could run the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.

Also, Franco is 30, or just a couple years shy of how old Harrison Ford was when he made Star Wars. To be sure, he’s not the only actor on this list for whom that’s a potential problem, and Franco can play down in age better than most, but it’s worth considering.

#4 – Scott Eastwood

Han Solo Movie Shortlist scott eastwood

Eastwood has played supporting roles in multiple award-winning and box-office-smashing films, including Fury, The Longest Road, and the upcoming Suicide Squad. He’s also appeared in many of his dad Clint’s films, including Flags of Our Fathers, Gran Torino, and Invictus. 

He appears to have some dramatic potential as well as some of the Harrison Ford charm (and his name would pull some of his dad’s fans in as well). But could he pull off the space smuggler’s sense of humor?

There’s definitely a sense around Hollywood that Scott Eastwood is being groomed as a leading man. The open question is whether he has the Harrison Ford-level talent to back it up.

#3 – Miles Teller

Han Solo Movie Shortlist miles teller

Teller, a star in the latest Fant4stic Four adaptation as well as the Divergent series as well as the Academy Award-winning Whiplash, has plenty of talent and experience. However, his performance record is questionable. While he was fantastic in Whiplash, his performances in the Divergent Series and Fant4stic Four were a bit lackluster, giving us reason to doubt whether he is truly a good choice. He has shown that he can have a “roguish” side in Project X and 21 and Over, though that sense of roguishness was more “crude” than sly or clever. He’s also an incredibly divisive actor – people seem to either love him or just tolerate him, and for many, his casting might be seen as a strike against the movie.