Who Is Doctor Strange?


Baron Mordo

So. FREAKIN'. Pumped.

So. FREAKIN’. Pumped.

Another student of the Ancient One, Baron Mordo was a cruel lord of Transylvania. The Ancient One thought he’d taught Mordo compassion, but when Doctor Strange became The Ancient One’s favorite student, Mordo’s evil ways returned, and he’s attempted to kill both ever since. Although he’s Strange’s magical superior, he’s not as clever as Strange, which often makes him join forces with darker forces.

Chiwetel Ejiofor is cast as Baron Mordo, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a chance for the character to be more than a mustache-twirler.


Who Is Doctor Strange Dormammu

Warlord of the Dark Dimension, Dormammu is a being of corrupted magic who allows mages to use his infinite powers… at the cost of their souls. With his evil sister Umar at his side, he attacks other dimensions either directly, or by using his invincible “Mindless Ones,” an army of rock-monsters with laser-eyes. Seriously, this makes more sense if you’re a flame-headed demon thing.

In all likelihood, Mads Mikkelsen will play Dormammu, and it’s impossible to imagine that sucking.

Doctor Nicodemus West

Who Is Doctor Stange Dr. West

The Ancient One had many pupils, and Dr. West was his contingency pupil for if Doctor Strange hadn’t worked out. He’s got all the talent of Doctor Strange, but none of the compassion. He still works for big pharmaceutical companies and screws over Doctor Strange’s every good deed.

Michael Stuhlbarg is set to play the evil HMO-denier.


Who Is Doctor Strange Nightmare

Freddy Krueger of the Marvel universe 20 years before A Nightmare on Elm Street. Really.

While the scourge of dreams isn’t appearing in this movie, there’s a good chance Strange might have to deal with him as a crony in someone else’s scheme.

Shuma Gorath

Who Is Doctor Strange Shuma Gorath

One of Doctor Strange’s many Cthulhu wannabes, but more importantly a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 BEAST. Quarter-circle forward Attack, am I right?!

Don’t get your hopes up for seeing Shuma Gorath in Strange’s first outing, but as a universe-ending creature, there’s a slim to good chance he’ll peek out in Doctor Strange III: Even Stranger.