Will We See a Daredevil Karen Page Death in Season 2?

In the comics, the romance between Karen Page and Matt Murdock came to a tragic end. Can we expect a similar Daredevil Karen Page death in season 2 of the Netflix show?

Karen Page Matt Murdock Daredevil romance

Daredevil season 2 will feature the blooming romance of Karen and Matt.

Daredevil set the bar pretty high for Marvel’s Netflix shows, giving fans a good view of the dark and gritty world of Marvel’s Hell’s Kitchen, New York. The first season introduced several characters from the comics, including the one-time love of Matt Murdock’s life: Karen Page. Things didn’t end so well for Karen in the comics, however. Will we see a Daredevil Karen Page death in season 2, or will her ultimate fate be averted?

Who is Karen Page?

Daredevil Karen Page comics

Some parts of Karen’s storyline don’t age as well as others.

In the Daredevil comics, Karen Page’s death had a major effect on the titular character and how he viewed his war on crime. There are several points in the comic arc that couldn’t play out on screen the same way they did on the page, but it’s possible that Karen will still face her dark fate in the Netflix show. Let’s look at Karen’s history in the comics to get a better understanding of why her death was such a powerful moment for Daredevil.

Originally hired by Foggy Nelson to be a secretary for Nelson & Murdock, Karen falls for Matt almost instantly. She learns Matt’s identity after her father, the supervillain Death’s Head, almost kills Daredevil but saves him at the last moment because Karen is also in danger. The stress of knowing that he’s constantly in danger drives them apart, causing her to move to California to pursue an acting career. Eventually, she becomes addicted to heroin and even starts making pornographic films.

She eventually sells Daredevil’s secret identity to a dealer in order to get a fix and is forced to return to New York once the dealer sells the information to Kingpin. She gets clean, has an on-again-off-again relationship with Daredevil, and becomes an anti-pornography activist and radio talk show personality. She returns to California, is tricked into believing that she has HIV by the dying supervillain Mysterio, and eventually sacrifices herself to save Daredevil by putting herself in the path of a club thrown by Bullseye that was aimed at Daredevil’s head.

Karen Page on the Screen

Karen Page Daredevil accused

Being charged with murder was an odd start for a career as a legal secretary.

In the Daredevil Netflix show, Karen has changed a bit. There’s some mystery to her past, her connection with Matt isn’t as instantaneous, and it briefly seemed like she was going to hook up with Foggy instead. It’s possible that her father is still involved with crime given how quickly she killed James Wesley after being kidnapped. The event traumatized her, and she had nightmares about Kingpin coming for revenge, but it was obviously not her first time firing a gun. We’ll likely see more repercussions from this in season 2, though her blossoming romance with Matt may help to soften the blow.

We’re first introduced to Karen when Nelson & Murdock are trying to help her escape a murder charge (in their first case on the job). Ultimately victorious, she’s then hired on to the secretary position, just like the comics. She becomes friends with Foggy, and they share a bit of too-brief chemistry before she’s pushed away just like everyone else when Foggy learns Matt’s secret identity. She has a knack for investigation, which ultimately leads to her being kidnapped by Wesley when she asked the wrong questions. Many fans thought that this would be when she died, but she escaped to see the end of the season and drove the plot forward at the same time.

Will they kill Karen Page?

Daredevil Karen Page death in the comics

Karen sacrifices herself so that Daredevil can fight another day.

While there are obvious differences between the character in the comics and what has been depicted onscreen, Karen Page is still filling a similar role as Matt Murdock’s blossoming love interest. Both the official synopsis of season 2 and photos that have been released so far show that Matt and Karen are developing into an item. For heroes like Daredevil, that sort of attachment typically doesn’t end well.

There are a few elements of Karen’s story in the comics that wouldn’t translate to the show, especially the involvement of Mysterio in her downfall and death (since he’s a Spider-Man villain first and foremost, and if he’s going to show up anywhere it will likely be in the movies). Bullseye also might not be involved, since despite rumors, there has been no official word on him appearing in season 2 of the show. We might still get our Daredevil Karen Page death in a later season if they want to keep Bullseye as the one who ultimately does the job, though.

Would her death have a dramatic effect on Matt, both in his private life and as Daredevil? Absolutely. With a few tweaks (such as removing most of the California storylines) it could work well in the show, and will probably come to pass sooner or later. After all, Ben Ulrich showed us that very few people are actually safe in Daredevil, and there’s no reason that they would ultimately spare a character who’s biggest contribution to Daredevil’s character was the tragedy of her death.

What would a Daredevil Karen Page death mean for the show?

Karen Page Daredevil kidnapped

Karen has faced down death before.

Season 2 of Daredevil will focus on the moral lines that both Daredevil and the Punisher walk. If Karen Page were to die, that could cause Matt Murdock to really examine his line. Losing someone so close to him, especially if it winds up being to a member of organized crime, would make him really question whether criminals should be allowed to live. He may also be tempted to step back and let the Punisher do his work, taking down crime bosses and weeding out the criminal element in the city.

A Karen Page death on Daredevil would test Matt like he’s never been tested before, and would cause him to really examine the moral code that he lives by. It would be tragic, but could also serve as good storytelling if it’s handled properly since it will force character development and will have a profound effect on Foggy and other characters as well. Much like in the comics, one of the best ways that Karen Page could serve Daredevil would be to die.

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