Who Will Win Civil War? Let’s Break Down the Teams

Guy in the flying tank vs. guy who can throw a shield real good.

Who will win civil war faceoff

If you’ve read Mark Millar’s “Civil War” comic miniseries, you know how the movie adaptation will probably end. But comics and their movies are famous for crazy, contrived plots that would never actually happen (you know, in a world where superheroes actually existed). So we have to ask: who would actually win?

But this is no mere argument, oh no. We all know that picking who should win results in an endless fanboy debate. I mean, how many arguments have you gotten into about Batman vs. Superman alone? “Superman has super-stregth, super-speed, and freakin’ laser beams for eyes!” “Yeah, but Batman has kryptonite and is way smarter. Superman wouldn’t see him coming.” That’s just two guys. What do you do when you have entire teams of heroes duking it out? Argue matchups? Go on champions? Leaders?

No, to figure this out the right way, we’re going to Mythbusters the hell out of this. We’re going to do things the Mighty Marvel WAY! ™

Alright, check this picture out:

Who Will Win Civil War Ultron

To figure out where each team actually stands, we’re going to analyze their strengths and weaknesses. We’ll work with a 1-7 scale (which is a common assessment for comic book characters, just like you see here), with 1 being subhuman, 3 being your average in-shape Joe, and 7 being godly. We’ll also award some bonus points in the Powers/Weapons category for things not covered in the chart.

With that…


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