The Women of Walking Dead – What to Expect From the Ladies

We take a look at where the story may take them in the back half of season six and onwards.

While we wait for The Walking Dead to come back and be our Valentine, we thought we’d get to speculating about where the women of Walking Dead are at and where they may go during the second half of season six and onwards.

Maggie Greene

Women of Walking Dead - Maggie

So what…the world ends and a girl can’t get a haircut anymore?

The good news for pregnant Maggie is that Glenn is still alive, but she’s stuck at the top of the Safe-Zone wall with a mosh pit of hungry walkers below, making her escape a bit tricky. Oh yeah, and Maggie’s pregnant, so she has to deal with morning sickness, too. Girl can’t catch a break in the zombie apocalypse.

Since this second half of the season is going to be dealing with the Saviors and Hilltop Colony, Maggie’s role is going to expand significantly if the show sticks closely to her arc in the comics.

Unless Glenn is going to become the Kenny of The Walking Dead then he is the major death that Greg Nicotero recently hinted at (we refuse to believe that it’s Daryl). Of course, some are speculating that Lauren Cohan who plays Maggie is leaving the show because she went all Felicity and got a haircut, to which we say, calm down, people. Unless The Boy becomes a surprise hit (because who doesn’t love creepy dolls named Brahms?) we think Maggie Greene is here to stay for a while.

In the comics (SPOILERS!), Maggie is forced to watch Glenn die at the hands of Negan (in case you forgot: Negan is coming!!!) and his baseball bat Lucille. When the Grimes Gang moves to the Hilltop Community (check out our piece on that here), Maggie catches Gregory’s eye and it is not good.

If the comics are anything to go by (and we know the show tends to deviate from the source material, but Maggie’s arc is too good to ditch, we think) then not only is Maggie going have some major drama with Rick over the loss of Glenn, but she’s also going to raise a baby and be the leader of a mutiny to bring down Gregory and take control of the Hilltop Colony. Well, if nothing else, anyone is a better community leader than Rick Grimes.

Now the show could do a total swerve on us, and kill off Maggie, but after the fail that was Glenn’s “not death” we think (and hope) that they’re going to stick the landing with the second half of season six.

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