The Women of Walking Dead – What to Expect From the Ladies


Women of Walking Dead - Michonne

My new and improved Alexandria will be walker-free and have food truck Fridays

When last we saw Michonne, she was covered in guts on Bland Jessie’s porch and headed with Rick and the rest to get some weapons. Also, Deanna basically gave Michonne a self-help speech about finding purpose and rebuilding the Safe-Zone. No pressure, Michonne, but in addition to building better walls, the Alexandrians would like to see you build a Starbucks too.

Michonne is one of TWD’s coolest characters but we saw her sidelined for much of the first half of season six. To which we say, “Boo!”

Michonne began as a character who just screamed bada**. She walked a couple of jawless walkers like a high class poodles; that right there is pretty punk rock. But she suffered from poor development and she didn’t have a whole lot of dialogue. It was when Michonne got close to Rick, Carl and baby Judith that we finally got to know the real Michonne. Whether her relationship with Rick turns romantic or not, these two characters shared a real trust and genuine friendship that really enriched the emotional core of the show and also helped to ground Rick, who we all know can be a bit crazy-pants.

In the comics, Michonne is as she’s been presented in the show, as Rick’s right-hand man. However, in the comics her romantic life is pretty active. Michonne not only dated Tyreese, but also Morgan and later Ezekiel from The Kingdom (too soon to start talking about that future plot arc).

Not to say the show wouldn’t go there, but we find it hard to believe that anything romantic might happen between Michonne and Morgan. Not only have they shared very few scenes together but we can’t see Morgan getting with someone who may have taken his precious peanut butter protein bars. Both characters are friends to Rick, but Morgan’s conflict with Carol is far more compelling.

What we think is being set up is Michonne as the new Deanna. Michonne was ready to settle down, and she is looking for her purpose independent of what her bff Rick wants. Could Michonne become the new leader of Alexandria? (After getting the walkers off her lawn, of course.) Sure, but if Maggie becomes the eventual leader of the Hilltop Colony would that make Michonne  feel redundant, or would it just be awesome to see two strong women running s**t?

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