The Women of Walking Dead – What to Expect From the Ladies


Women of Walking Dead - Carol

We’re still trying to forget about that weak confrontation between Morgan and Carol over the captive Ginger Gingivitis Wolf who left both our characters knocked out (and looking foolish) on the floor. I’d blame the concussion, Carol, because we were embarrassed for you last season.

Out of all the characters, Carol is the most changed from her comic-book counterpart, and we’re glad of that. The Carol from the comics is weak, is Facebook official with Tyreese, gets in a catfight with Michonne over Tyreese (crazy, right?), and then commits suicide by walker.

Say, what?

The Carol from the comics is clearly starring in a daytime soap opera. We like our Carol killing walkers (and people) like a boss and scaring small children, thank you very much.

Since the Carol of the show is a complete deviation from the source material, we’re not sure where her story arc next season is going to go, but we know what we’d like to see. We’d like Carol to redeem herself after the whole Wolf incident, and we’d like to see the fractious dynamic with Morgan explored even further. We can’t see these two as friends, but it would be really compelling TV to watch these two maintain a fragile yet hostile truce. Carol is one of Rick’s staunchest allies and most deadly secret weapons, so the Saviors better watch their backs this season.

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