The Women of Walking Dead – What to Expect From the Ladies


Women of Walking Dead - Bland Jessie

My hipster credibility died with humanity and Etsy

When last we saw Jessie her house was overrun by the undead, her kids were the WORST, and she is forced cover herself in zombie guts.

In the comics, Jessie does date Rick briefly, but he ends up chopping off her hand when she imperils Carl and Jessie is left to be eaten by walkers. Dating post-zombie apocalypse is hard, guys. Honestly, we don’t really care what happens next season to Jessie as long as it happens off-screen. Sure the writers tried to make Jessie seem empowered by having her take self-defense lessons and stabbing a Wolf with scissors, but she’s still a total snooze of a character. We’re all in favor of following the comics to the letter with (as she is always known to us) Bland Jessie’s story arc so that the writers can focus on characters that we actually care about.

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