Did Batman v Superman Use the Same Fight Style of the Batman: Arkham Games?

The latest trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice shows Batman using moves and tech similar to the style of the Batman: Arkham series.

Batman Arkham Knight

After releasing a trailer that many complained spoiled too much about the upcoming Batman v Superman movie, Warner Bros. finally gave fans a trailer that has actually gotten them excited. There’s raw action, no Doomsday, a lot of Wonder Woman / Diana Prince, and the blocked punch heard around the world… providing some hope that the showdown between god and man will be as epic as Lex Luthor has promised it will be.

But one of the main things that has gotten fans talking is this opening fight scene from the trailer, which shows Batman jumping off a drone-operated Batwing to take out a warehouse full of armed hostiles. The fight is slick, brutal, and easy to follow — a visual style that many commenters say resembles the “freeflow combat” seen in the Batman: Arkham game series (Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Arkham Origins, and Arkham Knight).

Batman Trailer

Arkham Knight Freeflow

Freeflow combat comes into play when the player reaches a 3x combo of successful hits, allowing Batman to move fluidly from enemy to enemy in a series of dives, tosses, and body slams. The fight choreography of the trailer scene reflects this smoothness and has won praise for its clarity. One of the criticisms of the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight film series is the comparatively chaotic camera movement during hand-to-hand fight sequences, at times obscuring the blows and leaving the viewer unclear on who was “winning” at any given moment.

The fighting style isn’t the only parallel between the new film and the Arkham games. Some of the new technology we see Batman use may look familiar to gamers, including various modified Batarangs and the Disruptor, which is a gadget used to disable and override enemy weapons. In the 1:44 mark of the trailer, Batman fires a Disruptor-like device down at the hostiles, which might explain why they are forced to use knives later in the fight.

Disruptor Trailer

In case the similarities weren’t clear enough, YouTube channel Grizzly Productions edited the fight scene so that it looks like it’s straight out of Arkham:

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice premieres March 25, with a runtime of 2 hours 31 minutes… and hopefully there will be a lot of cool-looking fight scenes to pick apart.