Spiderman Homecoming REVIEW – Themes & Characters ANALYZED (Spider-Man Homecoming Review)

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Our Spider-Man Homecoming review is a test of a possible new format for NewRockstars, which is movie reviews. Your poll answers suggested that you’d like to see some more direct movie reviews and so that’s why you’re getting a Spiderman Homecoming Review and ANALYSIS. Now, we’re emphasizing “analysis” because if we continue doing reviews, we’re going to want to dive into the greater themes of the piece and what makes the movie work from a filmmaking perspective. Let us know what you think about the new format, constructive criticism is welcome, we’re still tweaking the idea and aren’t totally committed to doing it all the time yet. Also, our Spider-Man Homecoming BREAKDOWN (calling out all the easter eggs and references) is still coming! That should be out by tomorrow!

In this Spiderman Homecoming review expect to see a break down of the Tom Holland portrayal of both Spider-Man AND Peter Parker, as well as Michael Keaton and his Vulture (Toomes). Also, we’ll get into the story and plot, and what the point that Marvel is making with it.

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