Dark Knight Trilogy – “Paint it Black” Trailer – NewRockstars Breakdowns Coming Soon

The impact of the Dark Knight trilogy, comprised of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight rises, is unparalleled in nerd culture. New Rockstars would not exist if it weren’t for these movies. So we’re going back to give them all BREAKDOWNS. Our first bit of trivia to share with you is that director, Christopher Nolan, and screenwriter (and brother), Jonah Nolan (who at times goes by Jonathan Nolan) disagreed about one particular way to market these movies. With each new Batman film release, Jonah Nolan begged to cut one trailer set to the music of The Rolling Stones, “Paint it Black.” Christopher shot down this idea every single time. He refused to break his rule: the Dark Knight trilogy will only feature original music.

Now, with the 10th anniversary of The Dark Knight just around the corner, we’ve decided to send Jonah Nolan the trailer he always wanted. It also is a late birthday gift for Jonathan, but he’s waited a decade so he’ll be okay. He’s also the co-showrunner of HBO’s Westworld, so obviously, he’s not too paralyzed with rage over this.

Please spread this trailer around. We’re very proud of it and would love to get it to the Nolan brothers to see.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming breakdowns starting next week:
Batman Begins Breakdown – July 11
The Dark Knight – July 18
The Dark Knight Rises – July 25

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