If Thanos’ Snap REALLY Happened! Real-World Impact of Avengers Infinity War!

Avengers Infinity War Ending! What would happen to our society if Thanos actually killed half of everything? Download Marvel Puzzle Quest and get a 3 star Thanos cover for free: https://d3go.com/newrockstars

In the ending of Infinity War, Thanos succeeds in snapping his fingers to eliminate half of all life across the universe. His goal? To save overpopulated societies and planets by giving survivors more resources, living space, and ecological benefits… evading the catastrophe that befell his home planet, Titan. But what would actually happen to Earth if Thanos’ success in Avengers Infinity War was a REALITY? Erik Voss breaks down each of the ways human society would change — our safety, our food, our technology, our leisure activities, our religion, our YOUTUBE SUBSCRIPTIONS — and whether Thanos’ snap would improve our lives at all. How does the world respond to Thanos’ snap in the comic series Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet? What was the weirdest thing to happen to humanity the last time half of us died (the Black Death pandemic in the Middle Ages), and could it happen again?

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