WALKING DEAD 9×14 Breakdown! Darkest Episode? SCARS EXPLAINED!

Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 14 reveals the mystery of the scars on Michonne and Daryl, leading to one of the darkest and most shocking episodes of the entire series. Thanks to Philo for sponsoring today’s episode. The first 50 NR fans to sign up here https://bit.ly/2ImtvLS will get their first month free. Start your free trial in seconds today!

Walking Dead 9×14, “Scars,” gets an in-depth breakdown & analysis! What details did you miss from Michonne and Daryl’s bloody rescue mission of Judith from Jocelyn’s group of murderous children? Erik Voss breaks down this violent episode scene by scene for all the subtle ways it connects to past Walking Dead episodes. What crucial directing and editing choices justified this major escalation of violence? What famous horror film does this episode evoke? What was the deeper reason Jocelyn and the kids burned Michonne and Daryl with brands? And what subtle clues did the new group give off to hint at their hidden agenda?

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