Andy Serkis as Batman Villain? – #RogueTheory

Andy Serkis is rumored to be playing a Batman villain and that has us wondering if it’ll be CLAYFACE! Our nerds also dive into the latest Black Widow news (the leaks, the photos, and the Taskmaster as villain news), how Marvel will handle the handoffs of the major MCU characters, the secret meaning of I Love You 3000, some Asguardians of the Galaxy news (or just Guardians, if you’re James Gunn), and finally some Daisy Ridley Star Wars news.

Welcome to Rogue Theory. The new podcast by New Rockstars that dives deep into nerdy tangents and theories about all the latest nerd news of the week. Joining our host, Filup Molina, are Nate Sherman, Markeia McCarty, and New Rockstars’ own, Erik Voss.


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