Avengers Theory! Iron Man Tony Stark SKRULL IN DISGUISE? #SkrullSearch

Was Tony Stark actually a Skrull? What secrets did Tony Stark take to the grave in Avengers Endgame, and what dark truths did we learn about Tony Stark and Howard Stark in their Endgame reunion? Erik Voss goes full tin foil in this latest episode of #SkrullSearch, New Rockstars’ investigation into each MCU character to find the missing Skrull from Captain Marvel. Which Avenger could be revealed as a Skrull impostor in a future Marvel Secret Invasion movie? Was Tony Stark’s brilliance, technological wizardry, anatomical durability, and emotional alienation hiding the fact that he was a non-human shape shifter? What was the mysterious connection between Howard Stark and Marvell / Dr. Wendy Lawson and the Tesseract in Captain Marvel?

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