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Welcome to Rogue Theory! This is our new podcast that invites guests from all over to discuss everything going on in the nerd world today and just geek out over what they think it all means. In this episode we go WAY into WHO KEANU REEVES WILL PLAY IN THE MCU. We also go into some Avengers Endgame news, Dark Phoenix, and all sorts of other things.

Specifically at:
1:54 – We go over Avengers Endgame returning to theaters. What does it mean? There will be a new post credits scene added, as well as a special tribute (to a fallen Avenger?), and maybe even some deleted scenes and other surprises.
11:37 – Keanu Reeves may be joining the MCU! According to Kevin Feige he’s trying really hard to get John Wick himself to star in a future Marvel movie. We go really deep into guessing just which Marvel character Keanu needs to play.
19:20 – Game of Thrones got a fan written re-write, specifically redoing the ending of Season 8, and this thing went viral. Apparently fans that didn’t like the Game of Thrones ending actually prefer the way this YouTuber ended the series. There are all kinds of changes to the importance of the Night King, what Area does, what happens between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, and Cersei and Jamie get a very different ending too. Oh, and Bran wargs into a dragon. The team gets really into grading this one.
31:10 – X-men Dark Phoenix AND Men in Black International have both been labeled as dead on arrival. Total duds. The reviews are pretty bad and so is the box office. The panel discusses why these supposed blockbusters didn’t resonate with audiences this go-around.
45:40 – Rogue Questions! Rapid fire questions fired at our panel with no time to prepare!

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