Endgame Easter Egg! Howard Stark’s Secret ZOLA Project Theory!

Avengers Endgame Zola Easter Egg revealed! What was Howard Stark’s mystery plan with Dr. Arnim Zola, and how could it blow open a dark truth about Tony Stark’s origin? Erik Voss dives deep into this TOTAL CONSPIRACY to decode the unanswered questions about the Avengers’ “time heist,” Tony Stark’s relationship with his father Howard, and the early days of SHIELD. What clues did we miss from the Howard Stark scene in Iron Man 2? Why did Tony Stark choose the specific date in 1970 to time travel back to? Why is it so crucial that Howard Stark brings sauerkraut to his pregnant wife? What was Tony Stark hiding with his cryptic reaction to his mother’s pregnancy timeline? And could the 2013 Iron Man comics with Recorder 451 and ARNO STARK come into play in the MCU?

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