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NMR is an online magazine dedicated to cutting edge coverage and analyses of new media content, culture and news. Its mission is to serve as the leading publication for digital content creators and viewers.

As a publication we focus on the most important and intriguing figures in new media, and highlight creators on the rise, along with the audiences that propel them forward

Founded in Dec. of 2011, NMR is the leader in covering digital entertainment and culture. See some of the featured interviews we’ve done here.



Editorial Team

Jeff Klima – Contributing Editor

Jeff Klima is the published author of the memoir “The Dead Janitors Club” and the Random House novel “L.A. Rotten” (2015). In addition to being Senior Editor of NMR, he has been a regular columnist for the Huffington Post, humor columnist for The S.C. Signal and a contributor to “Girls & Corpses” and “Podiatry Today” (right?). He has covered the YouTube scene for years and is excited to see what happens next. Hopefully it includes pie.




Carrington Walsh – Social Media Intern

Carrington Walsh is an avid reader and writer, who has an aptitude for social media. She plays ice hockey, has a passion for

the Los Angeles Kings, and is addicted to RuPaul’s Drag Race.



Production Team


Ted Marsden – #News Producer

Ted Marsden is a director-editor of short form media, from music videos to sketch comedy. He has worked in network television, national ad campaigns, official music videos, and now works on the internet making funny videos go viral. He has a beard or maybe a mustache depending on the month. He creates sketches in his duo (Worst Friends Comedy) (link if you’re doing that. http://youtube.com/worstfriendscomedy). He is a graduate of Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts and lives and works and bikes in Los Angeles, California.


 Adam Bowers – Contributing Writer/Director

Adam is a writer, director, and editor whose first feature film, NEW LOW, was made on a budget of $2,000 and premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, won the Grand Jury Prize at the Amsterdam Film Festival, and is now distributed internationally. That same year, he was named one of Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Film. In 2011, he won IFP’s Emerging Visions competition. He is currently in post-production on his second feature, PAPERBACK, as well as a short.



Filup Molina – NMR Creative Director

Filup is a writer/director who has spent over a decade bringing his improv and sketch comedy roots to all aspects of video production. His creative vision has driven a number of videos to go viral, accumulating tens of millions of views, and has heavily contributed to a variety of films, including an official Sundance selection. Previous to taking over as Head of Production at New Media Rockstars, Filup served as Head of Production at Tobuscus Inc. and produced a podcast which was ranked as the #2 Comedy Podcast in the entire U.S. according to iTunes. He’s written and coordinated brand deals with Audible.com, Electronic Arts, and Netflix. He’s also produced content with top YouTube talent, such as Ryan Higa, Rhett & Link, Toby Turner, Epic Rap Battles, and more. He hopes you’re having a great day.

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